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Adaptive Schools Foundations Seminar. Cultivate the Conditions for Adult Learning & Collaboration. Leading improvement in a district or school requires building up the conditions and supports to create a culture for teams to engage effectively in the complex and challenging work of collaboration. Teachers! Admin! Teacher Leaders! Coaches! PLC Leaders! Summer 2024: July 10-11 & August 14-15; Fall 2024: October 9-10 & November 6-7
Cognitive Coaching Foundations Seminar. Cognitive Coaching Foundations Seminar is an eight-day training for administrators, coaches, and teacher leaders who would like to support those they work with in being more resourceful and self-directed. Cognitive Coaching also serves as a nucleus for professional communities that honor autonomy, encourage interdependence, and strive for high achievement! Teachers make an infinite number of decisions each day. In fact, the act of teaching is the result of the decisions a teacher makes after the complex cognitive processing of available information from learners. Superior teachers are intentional about the teaching acts they choose and reflect upon the impact of their choices, all of which are cognitive processes. If teaching is decision-making, then the coaching of teaching is a process of coaching teachers' decision making processes - thus Cognitive Coaching. Summer/Spring: July 17-18; August 21-22, 2024; May 14-15; June 11-12, 2025; Fall/S
Leadership Academy 2024. Cultivating Community: Connecting Hearts, Minds, and Schools. July 30th: Dr. Andrew Marotta. Presentation topics include: - The School Leader: Surviving and Thriving; Be A Master Storyteller: Lead and Teach better through Authenticity, Experience, and the Power of Storytelling; Above the Line; Tales from the Hardwood. July 31st: Regional Presentations. Breakout Session Strands: -Time and Work Management; Teacher Recruitment and Retention; Home-School Connections; Innovative Opportunities for Students; Standards, Curriculum, and Instruction; Safety and Security. Location: Binghamton DoubleTree; 8 am - 3 pm.
Smart Start - Starts Aug 2024. Part One: Smart Start Part 1 is primed for anyone who wants to elevate technology learning into the classroom! Do you want to... Bring more hands-on technology to your classroom in a fun and engaging way? Learn proven activities to teach students about responsible online citizenship, cyber security, and coding? Join colleagues for this hybrid coding, computational thinking, and cybersecurity awareness experience. Part Two: Part 2 is a NEW opportunity for educators who have completed the Smart Start Part 1 program. Partnering with, participants will gain hands-on training in the current “cyber landscape”, to include AI tools and activities, as well as enhance their knowledge of NYS Computer & Digital Fluency Standards. Participants will have opportunities to collaborate and also build an instructional module or personalized project.  INCLUDES: -CTLE Credits for Participations; - Stipends for August Session Participation; - $1k Stipend for Success
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The Professional Learning & Innovation Center provides ongoing support  and resources to advance learning and overall school improvement. Support includes professional learning through regional workshops, customized district-based work, and instructional coaching in the areas of standards, instruction, and assessment; culturally responsive practices; social-emotional learning; and technology integration.

Resources include a broad range of instructional software, digital content, programs, and library services. The PLIC also supports schools with additional services including community schools, diversity, equity, and inclusion, distance learning/Virtual Learning Academy, and grant writing.

Mission: Building expertise together to advance learning for all.
Vision: To be the educational partner of choice that inspires lifelong learning. 
About Us
Meet our Team and discover what the PLIC has to offer regional leaders and educators!
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Upcoming Professional Learning and Events
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Standards, Curricula, and Instruction
Find links to NYSED standards and other helpful content area resources here.
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Instructional Technology
Explore resources to support instructional technology integration in your classroom.
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School Library System
See what resources the School Library System has to offer!
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Discover resources and professional learning opportunities for building and district leaders!
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Extended Learning Opportunities
Browse the various opportunities to enrich students learning beyond the traditional classroom.
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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Discover resources to support ALL members of the school community - administration, teachers, paraprofessionals, students, and community.
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Community Schools
Discover resources to support your Community Schools strategy.
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Grant Writing and Special Projects
Discover regional grant opportunities and current grant projects.
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Southwest Regional Partnership Center
Explore the professional learning opportunities and resources that the Southwest RPC has to offer to support students with disabilities.
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Virtual Learning Academy
Connect with the BT BOCES Virtual Learning Academy and explore upcoming events and resources.
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Our Core Values

  • Students are our first priority.
  • Employees are our most valuable resource.
  • Cultivating diversity, equity, inclusion and guarding against bias are essential.
  • Everyone is treated with dignity and respect.
  • All employees will exhibit professionalism, integrity and excellence.
  • Creativity and continuous improvement are crucial to everything we do.
  • A safe, challenging and nurturing environment supports learning.
  • All can learn and grow academically, socially and emotionally.
  • Customer service and collaboration are key to being a successful and trusted partner.