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District Superintendent Services

District Superintendent Services

The district superintendent for a BOCES must wear several hats and provide numerous services to component school districts.

The district superintendent is the chief executive officer for BOCES, acts as a liaison between component school districts and the State Education Department, and serves as a consultant on various school-related topics and issues.

These services are provided to component schools as part of the basic BOCES administrative fee.

Some specific duties of the district superintendent are as follows:

Chief Executive Officer for BOCES
As the chief executive officer of the BOCES, the district superintendent needs strong leadership, management, fiscal, personnel and communication skills. Overseeing day-to-day operations and long-term activities also requires a good working relationship with the BOCES Board of Trustees.

In addition to managing the operations of the BOCES and a net services budget of approximately $131 million, the district superintendent is active in developing new BOCES services for component school districts to ensure the delivery of top-quality educational programs.

Representative for State Education Department (SED)
The district superintendent is active in assisting local districts with regulations and policies from the SED.

Liaison Activities
The district superintendent facilitates communication between districts, local businesses and area agencies. The superintendent also coordinates changes in educational programs among the various districts to meet the changing needs of the region.

Consultation and Coordination
Consultation and coordination for local districts includes such activities as management planning, local program development, policy actions, superintendent and board appraisals, contract negotiations, and in-service opportunities.

Selection of School Superintendents
The district superintendent can assist districts with filling vacancies for school superintendents, rather than having districts pay additional fees for a private consulting firm. The district superintendent works with districts to assess their needs and requirements for the position and helps to facilitate the selection process.

Public Outreach and Publicity
The district superintendent is often called upon for public relations and publicity activities to promote various educational programs and initiatives in the region.

In addition, the district superintendent coordinates regional forums and workshops to involve various business and agency groups in the ongoing process of education reform.
For more information, contact District Superintendent Rebecca Stone Ed.D., at 766-3802 or by email here   

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