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Catskill Puppet Theater



Grades: K-6

Audience Size: 300                                           Length of Performance: 45 minutes

Setup Time: 90 minutes                                     Teardown Time: 45 minutes

This performance supports the following NYS Learning Standardsfor the Arts:


  • Responding
  • Connecting 

 Equipment Needed: A stage is an ideal setting or a 20’x20’ floor space, 12’ ceiling, 1 electrical outlet


"Hiawatha" is an enchanting play based on the life of the great Iroquois hero, Hiawatha. Hiawatha, as a young boy, learns many lessons along his magical journey. 

All of the shows by Catskill Puppet Theatre present an example of quality puppetry accompanied by original music and stories designed to entertain as well as instruct. The show we present uses full sets, large scale animated rod puppets, professional sound and lighting, and a healthy dose of participation and imagination from the audience. Each show has a different theme and gentle lesson while exhibiting the multi-disciplinary nature of the art form.

As always, each puppet theatre show presented to elementary age children is of high quality, which is the hallmark of the Catskill Puppet Theater. It carries on in the living tradition of the old traveling puppet troupes.

Categories: Drama/Theatre, Multi-Cultural, Puppetry, Storytelling


$ 850 - 1 performance
$1,250 - 2 performances /same school

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