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Jorge Cuevas


Grades: K-12

Audience Size: 1,200                                      Length of Performance: 60 minutes

Setup Time: 60 minutes                                   Teardown Time: 60 minutes

Equipment Needed: Full sound system, or we can supply our own for an additional fee

This performance supports the following NYS Learning Standards for the Arts:
Music and Dance:
  • Creating
  • Performing
  • Responding
  • Connecting


    This exciting program will have every student and their teacher completely engaged and irresistibly keeping rhythm from their seats. Jorge T. Cuevas and The Caribe Jazz Allstars is a traditional Latin dance band that plays the music of Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic - salsa, mambo, cha cha cha, bolero, bomba, plena, rumba/guaguanco, merengue, & 6/8. The presentation/performance starts out by giving some students a hands-on demonstration of the traditional Latin instruments, their cultural origin, and the respective rhythms they’re meant to play. The band will then discuss and demonstrate the different Latin rhythms and where they originated from. With participation from some student and teacher volunteers, we will demonstrate the respective dances that go along with these specific rhythms. Before you know it, it will turn into a very exciting Latin dance party with a live Latin dance band!

    The band is typically a 10 piece small orchestra, but can accommodate in size for smaller budgets if necessary (minimum of 5 band members).

    We can also add 2 professional dancers that can demonstrate and tutor the students on stage while the band is performing.

    For an extended and more meaningful experience, you may also add/include this band in Jorge's entry "Residencies."

    Categories: Dance/Mime/Movement, Music-Folk, Music-Instrumental, Music-Jazz, Music-Vocal, Multicultural


    $125 - per musician (minimum of 5 band members)
    $100 - per dance instructor
    $75 - $125 - sound system (depends on size of band)

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