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This program offers a small, therapeutic, highly structured environment for students in grades K-8 with intensive social/ emotional and behavioral needs. The focus is on building coping skills and resiliency through an environment that stresses all components of the BOCES Circle of Six.

A licensed clinical team, access to a psychiatric nurse practitioner and access to community-based wrap-around services are embedded factors of this program. Home visits are also embedded into the program in order to build a relationship with students and families. This is a program for students with a mental health diagnosis. Staff in the program include a special education teacher, a classroom monitor, 1:1 support as needed and a therapeutic support specialist that is responsible for carrying out the safety plans created for each student.

The MISSION of Reclaim Therapeutic Services is to successfully partner through an individualized youth-specific plan of care by way of engagement with our students, students-families, community service providers, and community school systems.

We do this by integrating both educational and Clinical Evidence-Based practices that collaboratively provide students a safe, challenging, innovative, and supportive academic environment that identifies and inspires strengths; and resiliency skills that empower each individual learner to Be-long, Be- needed, Be- heard, Be- understood, Be-creative through exploration and use skills embedded in the program to Be-come a contributing and successful member of our ever evolving communities.

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WLC Reclaim Staff


Mrs. Buck

Mrs. Barnett

Mrs. Dimmick

Mrs. Eggleston

Miss Hopkins

Mrs. Kogut
[email protected]



Ms. Kristin Condie, LCSW-R
[email protected]

Ms. Niva Eugene, LMSW

Mrs. Katie Paddick, LCSW
607-748-8261 ext. 7763

Ms. Jenni Viviano, MSW
607-748-8261 ext. 2088

Ms. Lynsay Webster, LMSW

Our Core Values

  • Students are our first priority.
  • Employees are our most valuable resource.
  • Cultivating diversity, equity, inclusion and guarding against bias are essential.
  • Everyone is treated with dignity and respect.
  • All employees will exhibit professionalism, integrity and excellence.
  • Creativity and continuous improvement are crucial to everything we do.
  • A safe, challenging and nurturing environment supports learning.
  • All can learn and grow academically, socially and emotionally.
  • Customer service and collaboration are key to being a successful and trusted partner.