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Payroll Forms
Personnel Payroll Calendar - 2018-2019
Pay dates are alternate Thursdays throughout the year. Exceptions to the Thursday pay day usually occur just prior to holiday breaks such as Thanksgiving, winter recess or spring recess.

Direct Deposit
You may have your paycheck sent directly to a financial institution. You can use the Direct Deposit Authorization Form provided below. The form requires your signature to be processed. Some banks or credit unions require that the entire amount of your paycheck must be deposited to the bank or credit union of your choice.

ACH/Direct Deposit Employee Enrollment Form
Broome-Tioga BOCES employees have the option to receive reimbursement payments via ACH/Direct Deposit.  This pertains to payments for mileage, conference/workshop expenses and course reimbursements. You can use the  ACH/Direct Deposit Employee Enrollment form below which requires your signature to be processed.

Omni 403(b) Salary Reduction Agreement
Broome-Tioga BOCES employees have the option to participate in a salary reduction Tax Sheltered Annuity, commonly known as a 403b account. The BOCES uses the services and forms provided by Omni Financial Group. The Salary Reduction Agreement form allows Broome-Tioga BOCES to transfer the stated funds on the employee’s behalf to OMNI for remittance to the selected Service Provider(s).

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