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Health Careers Academy

The New Visions Health Academy is an exciting and challenging program for high school seniors interested in a wide variety of health careers, including both traditional and alternative/complementary areas of medicine. We integrate real-world internships into an academic course introducing students to the main issues involving today's health care industry.

In their placements, students work with doctors, surgeons, physician assistants, nurses, therapists, pharmacists and other health care professionals. Clinical observations are in hospital and community settings and may include surgery, birthing and autopsy.

All New Visions academies integrate 12th-grade English and social studies classes. The English class is a yearlong, writing-intensive program that supports the individual academy's subject matter. SUNY Broome's Fast Forward credit is available for the English class.

The social studies class includes participation in government, economics, and a course on public policy offered through Syracuse University. Students also take a core course in their area of concentration.
"...all the shadowing in New Visions helped immensely.  I was very familiar with all the
procedures and practices because I paid such close attention to them when I observed.

So when Dr. Kerr handed me the forceps and said 'let's go,' I did not skip a beat! 
I felt prepared as if I had done handfuls of surgeries before."
- Mike Danaher, former New Visions student upon returning
from a
medical missions trip to Kenya
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If you are interested in applying for the New Visions Health Careers Academy, please see your high school counselor or call Tish Butler at 763-3475 or email
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