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Law & Government Academy

The New Visions Law and Government Academy is a fun and challenging program for high school seniors interested in careers in the legal profession or in public service. We integreate real-world internships into an academic course introducing students to the main issues in American legal and government systems.  

In their placements, students work with lawyers, politicians, government officials, judges and other professionals. They observe in court rooms, law firms and government departments. Site experiences vary from shadowing and observation to working on special projects and supporting daily office functions. In our own classroom, students investigate the structures that support all this activity and try to make connections between the theory we learn and the real situations we observe. Among other topics, we look at the purpose of government, the election process and the fundamental principles of the legal system, always with an emphasis on professionalism and preparation for college and a career.

All New Visions academies integrate 12th-grade English and social studies. Students also take a public policy course offered through Syracuse University.

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If you are interested in applying for the New Visions Law & Government Academy, please see your high school counselor or call Tish Butler at 763-3475 or email
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