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Home Schooling Liaison

For students whose parent(s)/guardian(s) elect to educate their children at home, BOCES provides support in meeting the legal requirements. Districts are confronted with state-mandated responsibilities for students who are instructed at home. These mandates are based on state legislation or interpretation of federal opinions. In addition, the courts are involved in settling precedent-setting disputes that can further inform districts.

For districts that participate in this service, BOCES reviews and maintains all student documentation, working closely with the home district to ensure compliance. In addition, BOCES is responsible for monitoring new legislation and education department regulations regarding home schooling, providing districts timely notification of all changes. The Home School Liaison service provides consistency in process, definitions, expectations, documentation and communication for parents. In addition, it provides a consistent level of expertise on which districts can rely.

Home Tutoring 

For students who are legally absent for a prolonged period of time, home-tutoring can be arranged through BOCES. The component school provides the curriculum guidelines for home tutoring. Instruction is provided by certified teachers. Completed assignments and a student behavior profile are provided upon the student's return to the component district.

Itinerant Teachers
Two or more districts may request that BOCES coordinate common needs for shared teachers or other staff members. These teachers or staff members will then work directly in two or more component district locations, providing instruction or services to meet the unique needs of those districts.
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For Home Schooling, by phone at 766-3728 or e-mail:
For Home Tutoring, by phone at 763-3692 or e-mail:
For more information about Itinerant Teachers, by phone at 763-3318 or e-mail:
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