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General Principles Governing BOCES

1. BOCES provides services as an extention of local school districts, to supplement, advise and support their activities and programs.
2. All BOCES activities must meet the current requirements of the Education Law, regulations of the commissioner and recognized Standards of Practice, as would be applicable to a school district operating a similar activity, unless BOCES is specifically exempt.
3. Approval of a service is for one year only. Each service will be reviewed annually through the New York State Education Department using the following criteria:

  •     Annual evaluations will consider the long-range plans of the department as well as specific criteria appropriate to the service.
  •     The practical effects on children will have a bearing on the mechanics of phasing out a program.
  •     Approval of service applications should not be expected in circumstances where the proposed service could or should be rendered effectively by the individual districts.
  •     Sparsity of population, distance, travel time and other pertinent factors will be considered with respect to applying criteria for any specific service.
  •     Major programs such as career education and computer services should be developed with ongoing user committee involvement at the technical and executive levels, particularly in planning, monitoring and evaluating.

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