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Sled dogs entertain, help teach lessons
Teachers are using the Iditarod sled race to teach lessons about math, science, culture, and geography. To bring a real-life touch and hands-on experience to the lesson, recreational racing group Sled Dogs of Smokey Hill in Bradford County, Pa., was invited to show what the Iditarod is all about. The two canines – Bandit and Klondike – put on quite a show pulling a wheeled cart and “musher” across the gymnasium. Perhaps most exciting, the pair was ever so eager to be nuzzled and pet by the adoring audience. Even the instructors got into the act with a competition to see who could harness one of the furry creatures the fastest.
On February 28, students will have an opportunity to speak via Skype with Karen Land, a three-time veteran of the Iditarod.This year’s race begins on March 4 and runs for about two weeks.
Some background (and trivia answer for the day)

The 1,049 mile-long Iditarod commemorates a 1925 serum delivery, when dog sleds were used to deliver lifesaving medicine to the remote town of Nome, Alaska, which was on the verge of a diphtheria epidemic.
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