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Kopernik Observatory & Science Center
 Grades 6-8
  • Students will create & act out several models of the Solar System kinesthetically, describing patterns in Lunar, Earth and Solar movement, while supporting the argument that objects like the Sun appears brighter when closer to us.
  • Students will observe stars and planets through Earth- based (Kopernik Observatory) and space- based (SOHO and Hubble) telescopes, then describe and interpret the data.
  • Students will test, analyze rocks from both Earth and Space (meteorites, lunar sample) to determine properties of objects in our Solar System. Students will examine and analyze fossil samples and rock layering models to construct an evidence- based explanation of (their portion of) the geologic time scale and its logical use in explaining the Earth’s 4.6 billion- year- old history.
Learning Standards for Science:
MS-ESS1-3. Analyze and interpret data to determine scale properties of objects in the solar system.
MS-ESS1-4. Construct a scientific explanation based on evidence from rock strata for how the geologic time scale is used to organize Earth's 4.6-billion-year-old history.
Learning Standards for Common Core English Language Arts/ Mathematics:
• Reason abstractly and quantitatively
• Model with mathematics
• Cite textual evidence to support your analysis
• Understand the concept of ratio
Cost: $12.00 per student Chaperones are complimentary
Class Limit: Minimum class size = 16 students
Length of Program: 2 hours
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