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BOCES' second Habitat for Humanity house starts to take shape
On a clear, crip autumn morning, about a dozen second-year carpentry students took ahold of the two-by-six studs and simultaneously lifted and pressed the first walls into position, nailing them firmly into place and creating the earliest semblance of the home it will become. The Habitat for Humanity project is an approximately two-year endeavor involving dozens of students in a variety of building trade programs, including heavy equipment repair and operation, masonry, plumbing, electricity and, of course, carpentry.

This is the second such project our BOCES has undertaken. The first was completed early last year and is now located on a parcel of land a short distance from our main campus on Glenwood Road. Like the earlier project, the home under construction will be a single story, one-family modular structure measuring 26’ X 52’(approx. 1,352 sq. ft.) with three bedrooms, two baths, a large kitchen and living room, and walk-in master bedroom closet.

Once completed, the home will be delivered to site selected by Habitat for Humanity Broome County and provided to a deserving family within our community.