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Integrated science pair present at Cornell

Working in conjunction with the Prakash Lab at Stanford University, Broome-Tioga BOCES was selected as a beta testing site for the foldscopes prototype.

Thompson and Leip are designing integrated science lessons using the foldscopes in career and technical education classes at BOCES.


Students in our integrated science classes have joined thousands of other participants in a global community of learning to explore the microscopic world around us. The discoveries students make will be cataloged on the foldscope website and will have the potential to make tangible advances to the fields of science, medicine and industry. 


BOCES received 12 of the Origami-based paper devices, and students have been testing them in the classrooms. Each foldscope costs approximately 50 cents, whereas regular microscopes would cost many times that amount (and be much heavier). It is thought that the foldscope could be a game changer in the field of science by increasing access to those who don’t currently have microscopes. They can be dropped from a tall building without breaking and can be easily carried, for example, into villages in developing nations to help identify deadly viruses, etc.