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Matt Sheehan Named 2023 Distinguished Volunteer by Broome Chamber
Matt Sheehan, Director of Instructional Programs for Career & Technical Excellence, was recognized late last week by the Broome Chamber of Commerce as their 2023 Distinguished Volunteer of the Year. This prestigious award pays tribute to Sheehan's consistent efforts to better the community through his innovative and proactive approach to volunteerism. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to him for this well-deserved honor.

The Chamber, in honoring Sheehan, highlighted his dynamic contributions to the community: "Known for his exceptional ability to transform ideas into reality, Sheehan has exhibited exemplary dedication in his service to the community. His initiatives range from mobilizing teacher volunteers for the SPARK program to organizing the 'Kids Can Build' event, a dual-purpose endeavor designed to combat hunger and foster student creativity. Further demonstrating his commitment to the community, Sheehan serves as vice president on several community boards and coaches various sports teams. His leadership and dedication are a testament to his unwavering commitment to positive impact."