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International group recognizes BOCES' mobility program
At a ceremony October 16, BOCES’ MOVE program was formally recognized for its success in helping students with mobility impairments overcome physical challenges, build independence and reach individual goals once thought unattainable. MOVE International Program Manager Julie Sues-Delaney attended the event to deliver the announcement.

"We don't rubber-stamp schools," Sues-Delaney told the crowd. "Broome-Tioga BOCES is not just a model site, it's an exemplary site."

BOCES first implemented the MOVE program approximately seven years ago. Since then, dozens of students have seen improved mobility and independence as a result of the specialized equipment, training and overall philosophy.

Speaking to those in attendance, BOCES Board President Sandra Ruffo described the program as “Changing lives one step at a time. Acquiring abilities that formerly were deemed impossible dreams, elevating those impacted to new levels of independence, self-respect and pride. MOVE has meant breaking free of the limitations that previously bound the students in self-fulfilling prophecies. It has provided our students with hopefulness instead of the constraints defining who they are, what they had been and what they could expect in the future.

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