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(Grades K-12)

Come experience the Planetarium at Roberson through updated programming and full dome presentations. This experience will allow the students an up close and personal journey through our solar system, view the constellations, explore far out galaxies, colorful nebulae, and dazzling star clusters. STEAM programs include: Junior Astronauts, Solar System Tour, Moles: What is Out There?, Earth, Moon & Sun, Two Small Pieces of Glass, Asteriod: Mission Extreme, Native Skies, Mission to Mars, Seasonal Night Sky and Earth Science Review. Nonstar shows include: Sea Monsters and Dinosaur Passage to Pangaea, Dream to Fly, and Climate Change. Each show can be catered to your individual needs and shows are being added, contact for more information.

Common Core Learning Standards: English Language Arts:
• Vocabulary Acquisition and Use
Science and Engineering Practices:
• Asking questions (for science)
• Analyzing and interpreting data
• Constructing explanations (for science)
Learning Standards for Social Studies
• History of the US and NY
• Economics

$150.00 up to 25 students, $6.00 per each additional student
5 complimentary chaperones per group
$7.00 per additional chaperone
Class Limit: Maximum 50 students per group
Length of Program: 45 minutes to 1 hour
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For more information on the Extended Classroom program, please contact:

Kathy Harasta
Phone: (607) 766-3731

Nicole Waskie-Laura
Phone: (607 766-3730
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