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Grades 3-8
Grades 3-5: Students experiment with hands-on experiments showing how magnets interact with each other, and how they interact with non-magnetized materials (ferrous and non-ferrous). Using electromagnets, they will show how electricity produces magnetism. Students will experiment with simple circuits involving lights and motors. They will distinguish between static and flowing electricity. The scientific method will be emphasized in all activities.

Grades 6-8: Students will discover that not only will electricity produce magnetism, but conversely, magnetism can also produce electricity.

Learning Standards for Science:
3-PS2-3. Ask questions to determine cause and effect relationships of electric or magnetic interactions between two objects not in contact with each other.
MS-PS2-3. Ask questions about data to determine the factors that affect the strength of electric and magnetic forces.
MS-PS2-5. Conduct an investigation and evaluate the experimental design to provide evidence that fields exist between objects exerting forces on each other even though the objects are not in contact
Learning Standards for Technology Education:
3-5-ETS1-1. Define a simple design problem reflecting a need or a want that includes specified criteria
MS-ETS1-3. Analyze data from tests to determine similarities and differences among several design solutions

Learning Standards for Common Core English Language Arts:
• Asking and Answering Questions
• Communicating Information and Ideas
• Engaging in Argument from Evidence
• Vocabulary Acquisition and Use

 Cost: $12.00 per student
Chaperones are complimentary

Class Limit: Minimum class size = 16 students
Length of Program: 2 hours
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