All BOCES instructional programs and offices are closed
Due to an order issued by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, all K-12 schools will remain closed through the rest of the academic year. A decision regarding summer school is pending. Instruction will continue to be provided remotely. 
The closure order is part of a proactive effort to limit exposure to the Coronavirus. All BOCES offices will also remain closed. Updated information will be posted in this location as it becomes available. 
All schools are prepared to provide student meals (two per day per student) at designated pick-up locations throughout the county. You do not have to go to the pick-up site at your school; any site will serve you. To view a list of those locations, click here for Broome County schools,  click here for Tioga County schools.  
Latest updates: Governor says key data points are trending downward, but cautions reopening will be gradual to prevent infection rates from rising again. To read district superintendent's staff briefing, click here.

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Scott Ainslie
To schedule Scott,  contact: Susan Lounsbury, [email protected], 518-647-5916
 Considered a master of American roots music, Scott Ainslie brings a wealth of personal and musical history to the stage. With engaging stories he provide historical context for a repertoire of Delta Blues and ragtime guitar, gospel, and music of the banjo and fiddle traditions of the Southern Appalachians. Coming of age during the Civil Rights era, Ainslie studied with elder musicians on both sides of the color line. With a deep affinity for cross-cultural exchange, he plays this music with affection, authority and power.

Ainslie has spent more than 30 years looking for the right story, the right set of facts, the right piece of history, to introduce a song. He offers a personality, a moment in history, a vignette to entice you into a song and to give that song a chance to wake and breathe among us like a living thing.

Scott Ainslie literally wrote the book on Mississippi Delta Blues legend, Robert Johnson/At the Crossroads. He is a masterful and thoughtful historian, storyteller, and musician.

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"Scott's musical talent is equaled by ability to take complex musical concepts and ideas, and distill them to their base components. This allows someone with little or no reference points to draw from and take away at least the essential elements. At the same time, he can speak to the more "well versed" students, and provide them with information that expands and enhances their understanding to much higher levels. In short, he is a wonderful teacher.

I would absolutely recommend his program to other schools. Scott has the ability to tailor his presentations to the needs of the classes, and is a wealth of musical knowledge, and world history experience. His presentations will make a fine addition to a variety of curricula. "

– Binghamton High School, March 2017
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