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Robotics Kits

Dash and Dot:
Dash and Dot are two programmable, interactive robots appropriate for K-12 students. Using a variety of apps, students can use touch interfaces and block coding to program Dash and Dot to complete a wide range of movements and sounds. 
To download the apps, visit: 
You can also download Tickle to program Dash and Dot using Scratch: 
To visit the Dash and Dot Teacher Portal, visit: 
There are a total of three Dash and Dot sets available to borrow through the Media Library Catalog.  
Cubelets are "robot blocks". Each cube contains a small computer that performs a specific function; snap the cubes together to build more complex robots that interact with their environment. Cubelets are an excellent way to introduce computational thinking/block coding in a tangible way. 
There is one classroom set of 85 Cubelets available to borrow through the Media Library Catalog. 
Ozobots are small, easy-to-use robots that can be coded by drawing lines and colors using OzoCodes, or, for students ready for greater complexity, with OzoBlockly, a block coding program. Ozobots are a great first introduction to coding and robotics, as no reading skills are required to code with color patterns.
PD & Resources  
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