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Jorge Cuevas


Grades: K-6

Audience Size: Maximum 30                  Length of Performance: 45 - 60 minutes

This performance supports the following NYS Learning Standards for the Arts:

Music, Theatre, Visual Arts:

Through the use of storytelling, Jorge covers a lot of details about history, geography, and the Caribbean cultures.

Climbing for Coconuts is a real exciting story that gives you an idea of what Jorge did for his very first job in Puerto Rico. This story will make everyone laugh uncontrollably! The story naturally raises questions about working and what to do when we’re confronted with dogs we don’t know. Most appropriate for pre-K – 3rd grades.

The Shark Killer is a very captivating and humorous story of a Spanish noble’s life in Spain and his nightmarish travels across the Atlantic Ocean to the island of Puerto Rico. The second main character is introduced in great detail of what a poor fisherman’s daily routine was. Eventually the noble becomes the new governor of Puerto Rico, and he forces the fisherman to fight a shark. This story becomes alive with the use of an ocean drum. Jorge sets the scenario to this story by discussing the Age of Discovery and how the rivaling European riches. Most appropriate for grades 3rd – 6th.

Jorge can also cook fried plantains for everyone to taste, while he tells some food related stories from his travels throughout Latin America. He discusses the many different indigenous foods, origins of recipes, and their evolutions from the different Spanish speaking countries. Everyone always asks for more!

Many times school staff decide to bring many fruits, deserts, and fruit drinks from Latin America that can be found locally.

Categories: Historical Portrayals / Social Studies, Multicultural, Music – Instrumental, Storytelling

$300- 1/2 day (up to 4 periods)
$500 - full day (up to 7 periods) 

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