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Catskill Puppet Theatre
Explore the Art of Puppetry Workshop 
Grades: K-6  
Audience Size: No minimum / Maximum: 350  
Length of Workshop: 40 minutes  
Setup Time: 45 minutes            Teardown Time: 30 minutes  
This performance supports the following NYS Learning Standards for the Arts: 
  • Creating
  • Performing
  • Connecting 
Equipment Needed:  Cleared space with electrical outlet and preferably an ability to dim lights  
'Explore the Art of Puppetry' is a demonstration workshop that gives students an understanding of the different styles of puppetry and the skills that go into writing a play and producing a show using puppets, including the technology required for building puppets and engineering light and sound.  Featuring shadow puppets, hand puppets, rod puppets, marionettes and a giant parade figure, the workshop is designed to give students a better appreciation for puppet theater and to inspire them to create their own shows. Ideally the workshop is paired with a performance by Catskill Puppet Theater.  
Categories:  Art, Drama/Theatre, Puppetry, Storytelling  
Cost: $ 450 – Half day $800 – Full day 
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