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iPad Loan Program Rules

Members of Teacher Center of Broome County Consortium Schools who have attended the iPad Basics workshop are eligible to borrow iPads. Borrowers agree to assume responsibility for borrowed iPads.


Checkout and Renewal

·       iPads may be borrowed from the Teacher Center, normally open Monday – Thursday, 3:30 – 6:30. They must be picked up and returned by the requester.

·       iPads may be reserved more than 24 hours in advance by filling out the form located on the Teacher Center website. Completing this form does not guarantee the dates you requested.

·       Users are allowed to borrow 1-10 iPads at a time.

·       The checkout period limit is 2 weeks.

·       iPads may be renewed for an additional checkout period if no other user has requested its use. In order to renew, you must contact the Teacher Center to request an extension before they are due.

·       The Teacher Center has the right to recall the iPads at any time.


Use of iPads

·       iPads are to be used for educational purposes. They may be used outside of school premises by the teacher borrowing the iPads. Students are not to take the iPads out of the borrowing teacher’s classroom.

·       Users are responsible for making sure that the iPad does not get damaged, lost, or stolen while it is checked out to them. If the iPad is stolen or lost, the user must immediately report the event in writing to the Teacher Center. This report shall include a description of the circumstances in which the item was lost or stolen, as well as any reports made to school administration or law enforcement.

·       Apps and content may be loaded on the iPad using a teacher’s own account. When an iPad is returned, all installed data and settings will be wiped from the device.

·       The Teacher Center assumes no responsibility for any problems that the iPad may cause to any other equipment to which the iPad is connected.

·       The Teacher Center iPads are not to be used to access any web site that has obscene or pornographic material.


iPad Loan Request Form
Please fill out this form, save it to your computer and then email it to [email protected]
Teacher Center  
PDF files require you to download Adobe Reader Here.