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Roberson Museum and Science Center
Grades 6- 8
Experience an interdisciplinary look at mythological heroes and how their stories influence culture and science. Students will use art from other cultures to inspire their own hero's story, learn about heroes in the night sky (including constellations and planets), and explore the size of our solar system by creating a scale model of the distance between planets.

Common Core Learning Standards: English Language Arts:
• Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas (Speaking and Listening)
• Comprehension and Collaboration (Speaking and Listening)
Common Core Learning Standards: Mathematical Practices:
• Making Sense of Problems and Persevering in Solving Them
• Using Appropriate Tools Strategically
• Counting and Cardinality
• Measurement and Data
• Numbers and Data
• Numbers and Operations
• Ratios and Proportional Relationships
Science and Engineering Practices
• Asking questions (for science)
• Developing and using models
• Obtaining,evaluating, and communicating information
Learning Standards for the Arts
• Responding To and Analyzing Works of Art
• Understanding the Cultural Dimensions and Contributions of the Arts

$225.00 per group
2 complimentary chaperones per group
$7.00 per additional chaperone

Class Limit: Maximum 25 students per group; multiple groups can be accommodated in one day
Length of Program: 2 hours 15 minutes
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For more information on the Extended Classroom program, please contact:

Kathy Harasta
Phone: (607) 766-3731

Nicole Waskie-Laura
Phone: (607 766-3730
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