No More Writer's Block! IEP Work Group (BT BOCES)
Starting 1/12/2017 and ending on 1/12/2017
Event Groups:
• PD & Resources - SESIS - Behavior Specialists

No More Writer's Block! IEP Work Group (BT BOCES)


Let transition be the thread that ties your IEP together! This ongoing series gives participants the opportunity to dive into each section of the IEP. Apply the information you've learned from previous trainings and develop resources to add to your IEP writing tool box.

Session 1: MPSG & Transition Assessment

Session 2: Present Levels of Educational Performance

Session 3: Self-Determination, Parent & Student Voice, Student Led IEPs

Session 4: Meeting Transition Needs: Course of Study & Coordinated Set of Activities

Resource binders will be developed. Register for all four sessions.

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