Revisiting Testing Accommodations - AM - (Oneonta)
Starting 1/20/2017 and ending on 1/20/2017
Event Groups:
• PD & Resources - SESIS - RSE-TASC

Revisiting Testing Accommodations - AM - (Oneonta)

Part 1 a.m. session - developing and documenting testing accommodations

- Rethink how and why recommendations are made

- Review documentation of student need on the IEP

- Justify recommendations for accommodations

- Familiarize with the NYSED Test Access and Accommodations Guidance document

Part 2 p.m. session implementing testing accommodations

- Use of technologies for presentation (including "read-to")

- Practice implementation of response (including "scribe")

- Familiarity with the NYSED Test Access and Accommodations Guidance Document and Administrator Manuals

- Build participant capacity for IEP development and implementation

Note: Participants should bring several IEPs and any technology currently in use.

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