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Social Studies Education
1. How do we keep quality social studies learning experiences front and center?
2. How do we put our students into the "driver's seat" of history?
3. How do we know our students are using the Social Studies Practices and being critical consumers of information?
4. What will best support our students as they consider a variety of perspectives on issues and events and develop an informed citizen voice?
The work to implement the NYS K-12 Social Studies Framework has re-energized social studies educators across New York State.  Regional opportunities for teachers and administrators include:
  • Aligning curricula, instruction and assessment with the NYS K-12 Framework
  • Research-based best practice:
    • The vertical articulation of the Social Studies Practices
    • Integration of content and the Social Studies Practices
    • Integration of social studies into the elementary classroom
    • Literacy in the social studies classroom
    • Facilitating rigorous, inquiry driven discussion and argument
  • Ongoing sharing of resources and strategies and reflection on our work

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Regional Professional Development
Please view the calendar, with MLP links, below for Regional Social Studies K-12 professional development.

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World Globe with Social Studies Words Used as Fill for Continents and Water


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For additional information about Social Studies K-12, please contact:
Pat Walsh
Phone: 607-766-3773

For more information about the professional development or resources provided by the Educational Support Services Team, please contact:
Kerri Bullock
Phone: (607) 766-3782
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