Online Learning System: Schoology
This service provides districts with access to Schoology Enterprise learning management system. The service includes technical support, help desk support, administrative functions, regional professional development and two days on-site district support.
Online Learning: Edgenuity

Edgenuity provides engaging online education and blended learning solutions that propel success for students in grades 6-12. This service provides professional development and technical support for teachers using Edgenuity as a blended learning solution.
Online Learning: Advanced Academics
Advanced Academics provides school districts with the opportunity for their students to access online courses.  These online course can be taken for original course credit, credit recovery, expanded learning opportunities, or as an additional resource.  Each district must provide their own teacher of record for students but certified instructional support is provided with the course content.  The certified instructional support teacher is available to interact with the students at times when their teacher of record might not be available.
Videoconferencing Service

This service provides technical support and program coordination for supported videoconferencing endpoints connected to the regional network. The videoconferencing service can be used for both instructional and administrative purposes. 

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For questions and information about our Distance / Online Learning Services, please contact:
Kerri Bullock
Phone: (607) 766-3782
For technical assistance with any of our Distance/Online Learning Services, please contact:
Phone:  (607) 766-3800
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